After hours and hours on the web

I’ve come to the conclusion that I LOVE THE INTERNET!  There I’ve said it, bore my heart and soul out there for the world to see.  If you’re reading this, darling Eben, you will always be my greatest love, but I have to admit that the world wide web has to be a close second.

Last night I didn’t sleep, I simply stayed up sewing, following a tutorial I found on  I gotta say my first try was really shaky, initially looked kinda crappy and took me several hours to completely figure out.  I must note that this was not the fault of the tutorial found at but simply my own failure to be able to work out just how I would make this happen in three dimensions, especially without access to an iron.

I suppose another things that would have come in handy last night would have been a sewing table and possibly a chair, but hey, we work with what we have, so I spent the night alternately sitting on the floor in front of a treadmill which had my sewing machine on it and laying flat out to give my back a rest.  While the cold, concrete tile floor doesn’t make for pleasant sitting it is excellent for stretching out to ease my back and hips.  The firmness of the concrete help with the stretching and the cold seems to help with the pain.

I suppose there was a bit of catching hell this morning because I hadn’t slept, but I guess ultimately everyone was upset because they were worried this would make my health worse.  I suppose that is a valid concern, though when I’m having a manic episode sleep usually isn’t a priority to me.  I’ve been having so many depressive episodes lately I guess it was kind of refreshing to suddenly be full of energy and have lots of creative ideas bouncing around in my head.  I was also a little excited to get my sewing machine working again.  My husband’s aunt had fixed it for me while she was over.

Now that it’s working, there’s so many things I want to try which is where my love of the internet comes in.  It seems that no matter what you want to learn how to make, there’s a tutorial or how-to video out there somewhere (I never would have learned how to knit cables without youtube).  For knitting there’s  which is kinda like porn for knitters and crocheters, and for anything else I just pop in how to … into my search engine and find a world of explanations at my fingertips.

One site I’ve been browsing a lot lately is there isn’t a lot there in the way of tutorials but it is a great place to find awesome fabrics and pictures of projects made using them to get ideas.  The concept, I think, is rather original.  Spoonflower offers the service of allowing crafters to design their own fabric and have it printed for them for a fee, the designers, then, also have the option of listing their design on the site for other people to buy and they also have design contests where, if you win your fabric will be printed for you free of charge and your design will be featured in the prize winners section of the site.  These contest also make it easier for spoonflower to organize their site because even the designs that didn’t win can be categorized under the theme that they were submitted under for the contest, thus eliminating the step of trying to sort out just what is what.

I’ve contemplated trying to design something for one of their contests, but haven’t really figured out what I’d want to do, perhaps some other time when I’m feeling more creative (manic) I’ll figure something out, until then I guess I’ll just make stuff using random tutorials.


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